Thursday, 7 November 2013


It has been a long time since I posted so I decided to let steam off from a busy day by sharing my insights on the deception from men and women in the cyber world. The good thing about the advent of apps like Twitter and Instagram is that they help form an alter ego which is an escape from your true person. I will therefore expand into the Insta Stoops as I call them because as a sometimes thirsty man, I have been disappointed.

Instagram filters are so powerful that they can make shrek look like Brad Pitt. They can give a 'six pack' to those searching for their first' pack', Biceps to the needy,as well as make a flat babe the shapiest thing since Toolz. The key to this Instagram deception ,that I am now learning, is the camera angle and body posturing. For girls, to create and illusion of being busty, the user is to place camera from an upward angle while wearing a camisole(sp) or a tank top of some sort. When I see that picture, I'm in awe and quickly like the picture only to be disappointed when i see the person in real life. Body Posturing is the biggest wash, a little arch in the back and voila and ass is available to the flat chicks.I'm not even hating on this hustle because packaging is the most important thing to create a different persona or enhance ones own. MY own is don't be so extra with the lies because one day you must come away from them lo-fi filters and we will see you in real life (insert emoji eyes here).

Guys please I have been watching you as well. You have your own means to trick the ladies. The short fellas never stoop and put full length pictures otherwise it will be obvious that they are not up to the kitchen cabinet. These lads give us picstitch of their heads,their shoes and then the upper torso. What we really want to see is all them parts as one to ascertain your height dude.Nothing wrong with being vertically challenged, I'm not a tall man myself. Those who are very dark will now be using some brightening techniques from our be funky app, but when i see you, you look like the original black diamond.

I'm not saying that you should not use filters or airbrushing but a complete misrepresentation of yourself for the sole purpose of likes or deception is a STOOP.

Disclaimer: this is not about anyone specifically but merely observations from my overall perusal of the app.

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